Wednesday, 1 July 2015

HP ServiceGuard command list

Recently, I'm doing more work on HP-UX and the HP ServiceGuard, a high-availability cluster software produced by HP that runs on HP-UX and Linux.

Here are the command that I frequently use. The list is not final, and I will keep updating it.

Halt cluster

Shutdown package
cmhaltpkg [package name]

Get the cluster config
cmquerycl -q [quorum server] -C /home/user/cmclconfig.ascii -n [node1] -n [node2]

Get the quorum server
cd /etc/cmcluster grep QS_HOST *

Apply configuration
cmapplyconf -v -C /etc/cmcluster/cmclconfig.ascii

Start cluster

Node join cluster

Check cluster package
cmviewcl - view information about a high availability cluster

Bring up cluster
cmrunnode [node1] [node2] [node3] [node4]


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