Monday, 4 January 2010

My 2010 resolution

A lot of people failed to achieve their last year resolution. I did not make any resolution last year, but I believe I made a lot of progress last year. New job, better salary, Suse Linux Professional 10 certification, ITIL v3 Foundation certification... quite an achievement I would say.

Most people also think, resolution should be made on new year day, but I think, resolution should be made year round. In Islam, there is a concept of daily muhasabah before you goes to sleep, to think what you have done good today, what you have not done what you should be doing, what bad thing that you have done and what you should do tomorrow to make sure it is a better day than yesterday, and you become a better person than yesterday.

So, if you still don't have you 2010 resolution, read this article first: New Year's Resolutions Experiment

In essence, the article mention that
Men were significantly more likely to succeed when asked to engage in either goal setting (e.g., instead of trying to lose weight in general, aiming to lose a pound each week), or focusing on the rewards associated with achieving their goal (e.g., being more attractive to the opposite sex).

Women were more successful when they told their friends and family about their resolution, or were encouraged to be especially resilient and not to give up because they had reverted to the old habits (e.g., if dieting, treating a chocolate binge as a temporary setback rather than as failure).

It also said that it is better to have only one resolution, and the resolution is specific.

For 2010, I have several resolution, but I will try my best to achieve it for the length of the year. Here goes:

1. Be a Red Hat Certified Engineer
2. Learn Python, become a master, and get certified.
3. Be a Debian Developer

Resolution number 3 will be very tough, but I know I should start doing something to become a Debian Developer. Let see if I can achieve what I have planned here by the end of the year :)

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